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Our Story


I am a mother of two small children and love to travel with them.  The only thing that slows us down is all the gear that we must bring along in order for our children to feel at home away from home. We were lucky enough to find Baby Rental shops in many of the places that we have visited and decided that this would be a great service to offer our NYC and Westchester visitors.!

We hope you find all the items you need for your family to have a carefree happy holiday in our great Big Apple.

We carry a carefully selected collection of clean and already constructed items makes travel with children safe, simple and hassle free. Don't waste precious vacation time lugging around baby gear, dealing with the inconvenience of airline baggage restrictions and fees and running the risk of having them damage your expensive gear. delivers today’s most innovative and hip baby gear directly to the location of your choice for a fraction of the cost of buying it yourself.

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